5 Ways Integrated Software Will Save Your Dispensary Money

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Dalia Holmes
February 19, 2016

So you opened a cannabis dispensary, congratulations! 

Now that you are up and running, it might be time to consider using an integrated software system to manage your back end, so you can streamline your operations and invest more time into growing your business.

Ideally, this integrated software should be something that works with your POS system to manage your sales,  as well as your workforce management and payroll software to integrate with your payroll, time attendance, scheduling, and HR.

Integrating your POS system with your workforce managment can save you valuable time and money. It also provides you with the transparency to  track labor costs and sales data and keep you compliant! Here are 5 reasons why your dispensary needs to consider integrated software.

1 -  Built-in alerts help keep you compliant.

Staying up to date on regulations, compliance rules and employee licenses can be complicated and time-consuming. Especially in an industry that’s as heavily regulated as cannabis.

With an integrated system, you can set up customized alarms that will keep you informed about licenses that are coming up for renewal - and help ensure you’re operating in compliance with all relevant labor laws.

An integrated POS and workforce managment solution also allows you to keep a close eye on break violations, overtime, split shift premiums, daily minimum pay requirements, statutory holiday pay, employee licenses renewals and other labor compliance issues.  So there are never any surprises, or unnecessary costs.

2 - Avoid stolen time with integrated dispensary software.

In order to run a smooth and efficient business, you want to make sure your set schedule is closely followed and that you’re only paying employees for the time they actually worked.

Time theft and “buddy punching” (which occurs when one employee clocks in for another employee before they arrive) represent major threats to your bottom line.

The right time-and-attendance software can help you enforce your set schedule, prevent early clock-ins, and make sure your employees show up work-ready and on time with features like camera time attendance and geo-fenced mobile time tracking.

The best part (can you guess it?) is yes, it can integrate with your POS system, saving you from manually calculating hours when it comes to payroll, or manually punching staff members in. 

3 - Make smarter scheduling decisions.

When you integrate your systems, you basically become a scheduling genie. 
Well, not really, but integrating your systems will help you with scheduling the right people to work at the right times. 

This can have a major impact on the success and profitability of your business.

Having your sales data and labor cost information available to you helps you make informed decisions and takes the guesswork out of scheduling, it can also help prevent you from scheduling employees into overtime.

Easy-to-use scheduling software saves you valuable time and money by funnelling your historical sales data from your POS system and automating sales forecasting, giving you the information you need to make smart scheduling decisions.

4 - Automation makes dispensary payroll quick and easy.

Software that automates the process of calculating hourly pay, stat holiday pay, premium pay like overtime, and federal and provincial or state taxes saves you hours of work and potentially thousands of dollars.

By automating the process of running payroll, you eliminate the need for manual calculations, which always involves the risk of human error.

Push integrates seamlessly with most POS systems, to allow you to easily incorporate accurate transactions and sales totals and forecast daily sales based on previous data.

5 - Real-time reporting keeps you in-the-know.

You can’t make smart business and scheduling decisions if you don’t have accurate, up-to-date information.

Push integrates with POS systems from many unique industries to deliver timely, comprehensive labor and sales reports that will save you valuable time and money and help you schedule smarter.

You can also set up notifications, emails, or text alerts for key performance indicators such as when labor or sales percentages exceed a certain threshold. This automated reporting helps you stay in-the-know without spending hours on end manually crunching numbers.

An integrated POS and HR solution you can count on.

When you invest in technology, you expect it to make your life easier and simpler. When you run software programs designed to simplify your operations, and they don’t communicate with each other as expected, you run the risk of mistakes, inconsistencies, and potentially hours of sifting through data trying to figure out what went wrong.

is an integrated workforce management and payroll software system for dispensaries, designed to work seamlessly with your cannabis retail store POS system. This allows you to easily pull in transactions, run payroll, and schedule employees in one simple and easy-to-access location.

With seamless integrated software solution, convenient channels of communication, and automation that works for you, you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time making decisions.

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