Why Choose Push Operations Over Ceridian for Your Restaurant Payroll Software

Push Operations

Push vs. Ceridian

Restaurant owners and management speak to us every day about either switching over from Ceridian or looking for reasons as to why they should choose Push Operations over Ceridian for their restaurant payroll software. Because of this, we thought we'd share our answer with you here. You can have a look at our similar response to Push vs. ADP as well.

Ceridian is a great platform if you run a business that has standard operating hours such as a retail outlet in a mall. If things are more dynamic and you need to make schedule changes that affect payroll (which is very common in a restaurant), this changes things quite a bit, making Ceridian much more difficult to use.

  1. Ceridian doesn’t have an integration with a POS system, which is essential for restaurant managers to make proactive and effective decisions.
  2. Reports are not restaurant focused.

In the restaurant business, things move fast so managers need to have the ability to adapt quickly. That’s why having real-time data allows managers to be proactive versus reactive.

Push Operations - Software Crafted for Restaurants

  • We focus our business on restaurants and offer key reports that are tailored to the restaurant industry.
  • Push is the only payroll solution that integrates with major POS systems to pull in real-time sales results.
  • Our payroll system is crafted to restaurants.
  • We track multiple pay rates and positions.
  • Users can view pay stubs via the same iOS or Android app that they access their schedule.
  • We focus on details like the ability to input meals and uniform deductions.
  • Our software provides real-time KPI’s such as labor/sales % threshold via mobile phone and desktop.
  • Alarms will alert you if staff are getting close to daily or weekly overtime.
  • The camera feature will ensure that staff are in uniform and work ready.
  • Send memos to staff when they clock in/out - a perfect way to communicate with part-time workers.
  • Push gives the ability for restaurant staff to sign into multiple positions.

Labor, Time & Attendance

We believe that in order to effectively control your labor, it starts with effectively planning your labor. Planning can be a time consuming task; however Push really helps automate this component by automatically setting up your sales forecast based on your historical sales data through the POS integration. Projected costs are updated live when scheduling your staff, along with restaurant KPI’s such as labor %, hours, and dollar per staff hour. Enter information once and it is used for both payroll and planning.

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