Push Payroll Vs. Ceridian Payroll

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Payroll software is complex and comes in many shapes and sizes. At Push, we are consistently asked what the difference is between Push Operations and Ceridian.

Push Operations Payroll vs. Ceridian Payroll.

Ceridian and Push are great software solutions for business owners who need to run payroll - however, they are tailored to two very different industries.

Push Payroll is targeted to businesses who have hourly employees, flexible labor costs, and need scheduling and POS integrations. It's ideal for an all in one solution for industries such as restaurants, retail, or dispensaries.

Ceridian is a complex system that is best suited for employees who have set schedules and is best integrated with HR functionalities. Ceridian payroll doesn't integrate with POS systems.

How is Push Different?

Push Operations is an integrated software solution that offers payroll as a stand alone feature, as well as integration with their workforce management suite as well as POS integration functionality. Their payroll also offers automations including stat holiday and tax calculations.

Industry focused

Focus on restaurants, retail, small business and dispensaries and offer key reports that are tailored to the them.

Automatic calculations

The only software with automated stat holiday pay calculations across Canada, payroll tax deductions and remittances.

Integrated solution

The only payroll solution that integrates with major POS systems to pull in real-time sales results. Also a fully integrated workforce management system

Employee self service

Employees can view and manage their personal data, including pay and tax information, on their own time, without relying on HR, users can also view pay stubs via the same iOS or Android app that they access their schedule.


Track multiple pay rates and positions.


Software provides real-time KPI’s such as labor/sales % threshold via mobile phone and desktop, also alarms will alert you if staff are getting close to daily or weekly overtime.

How is Ceridian different?

Ceridian offers a cloud based solution, focusing on HCM and bringing real-time payroll, HR, benefits, time reporting, talent and workforce management to deliver intelligence at work.

Dayforce Wallet

Whether it’s a standard, one-time, or on-demand payment, add flexibility to how you pay your people while minimizing the impact on your payroll team and cash flow.

Tax management

Automatically calculate, withhold, and file supported taxes, including multi-jurisdictional (state/local) taxes to simplify the effort of managing taxes.

Employee self service

Employees can view and manage their personal data, including pay and tax information, on their own time, without relying on HR.

Simple reporting

Administrators get all the necessary reports and features to reconcile their payroll. A catalog of reports is available within the payroll screen at any time.

Quick data entry

Empower administrators to make adjustments on the fly using quick entries for things like bonuses, retroactive payments, and one-time deductions.

Global visibility

Get a complete view of your pay results across all operating regions in one consolidated system. Learn more about global payroll.  

Executive dashboards

Arm your managers and executive leadership with valuable payroll insights. This gives you the data you need to make more informed and better business decisions.

Mobile access

Let your employees access their own important pay information from their mobile device. Users can access earnings statements and tax information at any time.

Push Operations Payroll vs. Ceridian Payroll, what solution should I choose? 

The payroll solution that you should choose should be based on your needs! Don't just consider payroll, but consider the entire workforce management suite that both software solution has to offer. If you are looking for something specific, like a POS integration, or mobile usability - then there the systems vary! 
Good luck on your hunt for the perfect payroll, please enjoy our guide.

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