Workforce management & payroll software for cannabis retail stores

Meet Push, North America’s leading dispensary payroll and workforce management system, that integrates with all popular POS brands.


Plantlife uses Push software
Chrisrina Lake uses Push
CC international cannabis corp uses Push
Lucid uses Push software
Canna Land uses Push software
Arcannabis store uses Push

All-in-One Solution for cannabis retail stores

People Management Simplified.

One of the primary challenges for businesses that operate in the cannabis industry is the government-required documentation and paperwork management of employee records. Push helps by:

  • people management simplified
    Manage and store paperwork, employee records and licenses
  • people management simplified
    View sales and labor for multiple dispensary locations using the manager app
  • people management simplified
    Integrate with most POS systems in the cannabis space
  • people management simplified
    All-in-one, integrated, payroll, workforce management, and POS
  • people management simplified
    Scheduling, time clock and payroll automations

Integrate seamlessly with leading POS platforms

cova integration with Push
Square integration with Push
Lightspeed integration with Push
Clover integrates with Push

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How we help your cannabis business

Watch Push in action

" I love the push manager app, it is my most used app on my phone now, I can see sales and labour for all stores just by opening my app"
- Dispensary Owner at Sparq Retail, 3 locations.

Push software reviewsPush software reviewsPush software reviewsPush software reviewsPush software reviews

James Gallagher


Simplify and streamline operations
with an all-in-one system

Push helps business streamline the application process

centralized employee record keeping

Streamline operations

Streamline the application process by making all legal paperwork required with the applicant tracking system.

Automatically transfer and store all paperwork obtained during the application process in a newly-hired employee profile.

Create a paperless online employee onboarding process with digital forms, contracts and allow for documents to be digitally signed and stored in an online filing cabinet.

Centralize all record keeping tasks by storing and sharing important employee documents, training manuals and information across multiple locations.

push helps business automate payroll calculations


Save time

Automate payroll calculations like hourly wages, statutory holiday and overtime pay.

Create custom clock -schedule rules that can be automatically enforced to streamline the clock approval process.

Hire, train, and manage employees at multiple locations with one central login.

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Push helps grow your business


Grow your business

Get access to enterprise-wide scheduling and messaging for employees across multiple locations.

Compare important KPIs amongst different locations with an enterprise-wide dashboard.

Set up custom alerts in advance to remind managers of license renewals, employee performance reviews and more.

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capterra reviews
We moved from *** and it was a night and day difference. The ease of running payroll and setting up a weekly schedule is hardly worth comparison. As well, the integration between timekeeping, scheduling, and running payroll makes services like *** seem like complete dinosaurs. Don't think twice about moving to Push. Rid yourself of the pains of payroll and scheduling.

Paul S.

Testimonial Image
G2 software reviews

System is EASY to use, has A LOT of features that are useful, and whenever I need help it is super fast , friendly and thorough. I love it. Made my life easier compared to a bigger more well known company I used in the past which turned out to be a huge disaster.

Michelle T.


Scale or streamline the operations at your cannabis retail store with Push

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streamline the operations at your cannabis retail store with Push


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