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Our story

Push started with a Chartered Accountant who had been running his own practice for 11 years. He enjoyed understanding tax laws and keeping up with changes that affected payroll of his clients.

Propelling Push forward was the vision of providing a software solution that allows ownership and management to focus on their business and be more profitable. The Push team takes care of payroll remittances, understands tax laws and has become a key part of every management team that has brought us on.

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Core values

Courage to innovate

Push boundaries and have a ‘Can Do’ attitude when it comes to innovation. Our company is about being curious and always running experiments. Make decisions based on 70% of the information. The cost of working off absolute certainty means we’re being too slow. Don’t be afraid to fail - we encourage testing and failing fast.

Have an open mind

Openness inspires a more positive attitude. An open mindset is a growth mindset. Looking at challenges through a solution-oriented, open-minded lens allows new ideas and improvements to arise so you can move and act quickly.

Always be fair

Everyone matters and is an equal in our company. We’re a merit based company where opportunities and career growth are based on impact. Also, we’ll never ask a team member to do something that we wouldn’t do ourselves.

Be authentic

We’re all a little weird and quirky and we honour that. Bring your true self to work and show up fully as who you are. We celebrate everyone’s unique personality and interests. Also, being authentic means to give honest feedback by saying what you mean and meaning what you say even when it’s uncomfortable.

Have fun and love what you do

The majority of our waking hours are spent at work so you’d better love what you do. If you don’t love some areas of your work, we encourage you to find ways to automate it. A big part of loving what you do is having fun. We want fun to be a priority in your life!

Have each other's back

Do whatever it takes to support our team and clients. We’re all in this together. Go above and beyond to delight the people you interact with.

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The Push partner program rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to your own practice goals. We’ve created it to make you even more successful – no matter what success means to you.



On one platform, we’ve added every tip and trick that we could come up with to make Push easy for you.


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