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Our fully integrated and cloud-based payroll software makes it easy to stay on top of every aspect of your payroll.  Push Payroll saves you time with smart automations, calculations, and data transfers.  


Payroll software made easy

Using Push Payroll is like adding an entire Payroll department to your team. With the Push Payroll software you can streamline hours directly into payroll for one-click payroll processing.  Say goodbye to manual calculations and leave all the work to us.
Process payroll in 10 minutes or less.

Accuracy that will save you thousands

Save thousands by paying employees more accurately. Automate key elements like punch in rules, statutory holiday calculations, employee hourly rates, and overtime calculations.

Flexible and integrated

Use Push Payroll as a stand-alone feature, or as an all-in-one employee management suite. Our system also integrates with POS systems, streamlining operations and pulling data and reports.

Save up to 40 hours a week

We save our customers time. Streamline hours directly into our payroll software for one-click payroll processing. Eliminate data transfer of employee hours by using Push’s clock system.

Run payroll at the
push of a button

Automate payroll calculations
Real-time payroll reporting
Flexible wage tracking
Quick online access
Stay compliant
Manage multiple locations anywhere in North America
Automate payroll calculations

Eliminate the process of manual calculations and automate employee hourly pay, stat holiday pay, premium pay (like overtime), and applicable federal, state or provincial taxes. We complete all tax filings, new hire reporting, and employee pay.

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Real-time payroll reporting

A payroll solution crafted specifically for business owners and built to function as an all-in-one streamlined solution.  Our reports and accounting journal entries are organized by your preference and split up automatically for accurate reporting. Automatically funnel approved hours to payroll.

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Flexible wage tracking

We do all the pre-payroll prep. Remove the inaccuracy of multiple systems and data transfers to easily track, streamline and pay employees with multiple positions and rates. We make it easy to monitor daily minimum calculations, split shift premiums and minimum tip top-offs.  

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Quick online access

Process payroll with the click of a button from the comfort of your office or from the beach. Skip the game of tag and grant employees the luxury of receiving paystubs and their payroll information online. Push Payroll streamlines employee paperwork with online access to pay stubs, tax forms, and more.

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Stay compliant

We take payroll very seriously, and ensure that we help you stay up to date on labor laws and compliance.  Our team includes experts on every jurisdiction in which we operate. T4, ROE, W-2, W-4, 1099, I-9 – these are just some of the terms that we're proud to be on top of, so you don't have to be.

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Manage multiple locations

Manage multiple locations from one smart system. Push supports multi-location businesses across North America.

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Simplify and streamline operations
with an all-in-one system

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Payroll for 60 employees takes minutes. Extremely cost effective. We scan all employee documents and upload the files to the individual record eliminating hard copies. Scheduling is a breeze and easy to learn. Customer support is the absolute best.

Swede E.

Director of Operations
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From the on-boarding training to the continuous support of the help desk, this team is top notch. Quick to respond and always happy to help resolve or fix my mistakes! Easy user interface, simple and offers so much. Would highly recommend Push!

Sandra M.

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System is EASY to use, has A LOT of features that are useful, and whenever I need help it is super fast , friendly and thorough. I love it. Made my life easier compared to a bigger more well known company I used in the past which turned out to be a huge disaster.

Michelle T.


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