Time tracking software for restaurants

Push Time Tracking  offers a flexible solution to help you manage your employees' clock-ins, break behavior, and hours. Funnel hours straight from Push Time Tracking to Push Payroll to streamline your operations.

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The future of time tracking software

Meet our modern Time Tracking Solution. Push Time Tracking offers mobile clock-ins for employees and utilizes advanced facial recognition software to eliminate buddy punching.   Streamline all data across the system to sync to payroll and integrate with your POS system.

Save thousands of dollars tracking and automating employee clock-in rules.
Streamline employee labor tracking data directly to payroll.
Allow employees to clock in on their own with facial recognition technology.
Use Push Time Tracking as a stand-alone feature, or as an all-in-one employee management suite.
Our system also integrates with POS systems.
Run real-time reports to streamline your operations

Real-time reporting and integrations

Track employees with multiple rates and positions
Streamline labor costs to revenue centers, and run real-time reports
Integrate with Payroll, HR, Scheduling, reporting, and POS systems
Restaurant manager sitting at a restaurant while consulting reports on his laptop
Restaurant employee showing co-worker how to clock times on their phone
Time tracking made easy and flexible with Push

Flexible automation

Automatically compare employees' clock times against scheduled times
Flag instances of overtime
Flag and get notified for early starts
Ensure your team is ready to work

Facial recognition & customizable clock ins

Ensure staff are work-ready with our camera time attendance
Mobile app with location geo-fencing and photo clock-in
Push also allows you to set up custom pre-work screening questions
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How This Franchise Saved 15,600

Get the case study to learn how

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Book cover of mentioned case study
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Track employees' data from your mobile

Mobile approval & notifications

Download the app and track employee data from your smartphone
Set up alarms for daily or weekly overtime
Stay informed about employee clock-in and clock-out behavior
Keep and eye on compliance and stay on top of labor laws

Track and automate labor compliance

Keep a close eye on break violations, ACA benefits eligibility
Track split shift premiums, daily minimum pay requirements
Keep an eye on general holiday eligibility, and more!
Restaurant manager at a coffee shop tracking labor compliance on his laptop
Restaurant manager happily analyzing tip declarations on his tablet
Automate tip calculations and adjust where necessary

Tip management made simple

Tip declarations are made stress-free when meal periods are auto-calculated
Tipped staff under minimum wage are automatically flagged
Minimum wage tipped staff are topped off to reach the threshold
Manage your business with the device of your choice

Save on hardware repairs

Hardware-independent software = less clutter
Use a tablet of your choice for time attendance without costly repairs!
Manage your business from the comfort of your office or the beach.
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Simplify and streamline operations with an all-in-one system

Restaurant employee showing co-worker how to clock times and manage Push's time sheets on their phone
As an all in one and fully integrated platform

Is Push user friendly?

We'll let our reviews take on that

"Support is very easy to contact and helpful when dealing with"
"It's clear and easy to use and makes running payroll a breeze. Scheduling is incredibly easy"
"Love that it is easy to learn and use with lots of useful tools"

Hear what our customers have to say

Sandra Macdonald

From the onboarding training to the continuous support of the help desk, this team is top-notch.

Jo B.

This is the easiest payroll system I have ever used! I have never been able to complete payroll faster than this system. Plus, the support team is amazing!

Jason G.

Push Operations saves so much time! Having your clocking, scheduling, budgeting, and payroll all available in one unit

So, save time and money with Push


Save on average 6 hours a week


Save 3% on labor costs


Run payroll in 10 minutes

Join thousands of happy business owners who use Push to manage their people

Experience the freedom of streamlining your operations.
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