Employee scheduling software for restaurants

Schedule faster and smarter with our easy-to-use scheduler. Push Scheduling helps you forecast and track labor budgets against actual cost in real time, enabling you to streamline your operations.

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Scheduling made easy

With Push, scheduling is no longer a painful process.  Our robust employee scheduling software allows you to adjust the scheduler to fit the needs of your business.  Set up custom rules, analyze labor costs and make scheduling easy for you and your employees.

Save 3% on labor costs: View labor costs as you're actively scheduling
Automations that save time: Streamline hours directly into payroll for one-click payroll processing
Eliminate data transfer of employee hours by using Push’s clock system
Use Push Scheduling as a stand-alone feature, or as an all-in-one employee management suite
Our system also integrates with POS systems
Analyze and review before approving

Analyze to approve strategically

Analyze shift swap costs before approving
Set up custom shift swap or time off request rules!
Review shift swaps, releases and time off requests in one place
Manager at a restaurant analyzing shifts and approving clocks with a tablet
Coffee shop employee staring happily while using an easy app with a tablet
Easy interface to create custom templates

Easy to use

Our beautiful interface and ease of use will rock your world
Create custom shift templates, add shifts
See different views and schedules by sales or guest counts – with one click!
Use real-time analytics to schedule accurately

Scheduling software to schedule smarter

Avoid overstaffing or understaffing with real-time analytics
View labor costs as you're actively scheduling and other KPIs
View forecasted labor vs sales percentages
Restaurant manager scheduling through a laptop at a restaurant

The Ultimate Employee Scheduling Guide

Find out how to save on labor, increase sales, and raise morale with this handy guide.

Book cover of mentioned guide
Book cover of mentioned guide
Restaurant manager forecasting schedules with a tablet at a restaurant desk
Save time by analyzing and scheduling smarter

Forecast your schedules more accurately

Push helps you save time by automating sales forecasting
Automatically pull historical sales from your point-of-sale software
View labor costs as you're actively scheduling and save .75% on labor costs
Communicate easily with your team

Seamless internal communication with staff

Say goodbye to staff texting you for time off requests
Staff can swap shifts, and request time off in a centralized space, accessible from anywhere
You can even broadcast messages to your team
Coffee shop employee showing co-worker her phone at the desk
Happy looking employee checking in easily with a tablet
Allow your employees check their schedules anywhere

Quick and mobile employee access

Employees can check their schedule from anywhere via any device!
Communication is also centralized with a Message Center
Download the app and communicate from your smartphone

Simplify and streamline operations with an all-in-one system

Restaurant employee showing co-worker how to clock times and manage Push's time sheets on their phone
As an all in one and fully integrated platform

Is Push user friendly?

We'll let our reviews take on that

"Support is very easy to contact and helpful when dealing with"
"It's clear and easy to use and makes running payroll a breeze. Scheduling is incredibly easy"
"Love that it is easy to learn and use with lots of useful tools"

Hear what our customers have to say

Sandra Macdonald

From the onboarding training to the continuous support of the help desk, this team is top-notch.

Jo B.

This is the easiest payroll system I have ever used! I have never been able to complete payroll faster than this system. Plus, the support team is amazing!

Jason G.

Push Operations saves so much time! Having your clocking, scheduling, budgeting, and payroll all available in one unit

So, save time and money with Push


Save on average 6 hours a week


Save 3% on labor costs


Run payroll in 10 minutes

Join thousands of happy business owners who use Push to manage their people

Experience the freedom of streamlining your operations.
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Restaurant employee showing co-worker how to clock times and manage Push's time sheets on their phone