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Automate and scale your restaurant
Simplify HR, Payroll, and Workforce Management
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Simplify your workforce management in ONE place

The journey to scale your restaurant

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Hire, onboard, and retain

Job posting
Applicant tracking system
Paperless onboarding
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Schedule faster

Streamline hours directly into payroll
Set up custom rules for easy scheduling
Analyze shift swap costs before approving
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Easiest Payroll

Run payroll at your restaurant in 5 minutes
Say goodbye to manual payroll calculations
T4, ROE, W-2, W-4, 1099, I-9
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Track performance

Track employees' Key Performance Indicators
Analyze employee turnover ratios across locations
Track employees' clock times, sick days, and more
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Analyze real actionable insights and grow

View dashboards and key metrics at the click of a button
Easy access to real-time labor vs sales reports
Integrated with point-of-sale systems to provide timely labor and sales reports


Attract and Retain Top Talent


Provide Real-time
Actionable Insights


Reduce Labor Costs


Streamline and Automate Manual Processes

Don't waste your precious time and effort

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Hire, onboard, and retain your team

Effortlessly manage all your employee information in one place
Complete all tax filings, new hire reporting, and employee pay
No more manual spreadsheet tracking, filing, or paperwork
Hire Better

Run payroll in 5 minutes

Say goodbye to manual payroll calculations
Save thousands by paying employees more accurately
Automate hourly pay, stat holiday pay, and applicable taxes
Automate Payroll
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Schedule in seconds

Auto-generate schedules, and set up custom rules for easy scheduling
Streamline hours directly into payroll for one-click payroll processing
Analyze to approve strategically
Simplify Scheduling

Track employee hours like clockwork

Streamline employee labor tracking data directly to payroll
Save thousands by tracking and automating employee clock-in rules
Facial recognition & customizable clock-ins
Track Accurately
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For restaurants of every type and size

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Quick service

"I recommend Push every single time I hear of someone who has opened up a new business, not even just QSR, but anyone who has a small business in general. I always tell them, go with Push, they are great.”
Tom Mahn - Freshii

Quick Service Industry
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"Things that used to be done manually, can now be done automatically [with Push] and there are tools to make [payroll processing] easy.”
Anna Tran - ICONINK

Restaurants Industry
Coffee shop manager drinking coffee while checking payroll reports on his laptop

Coffee shops

"Sometimes a canned product doesn’t work for all businesses. Push is able to offer a flexible solution, tailored to individual businesses' needs"
Dencan's team - Dennys

Cafe Industry

Trusted by thousands of happy restaurants!

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So, save time and money with Push


Save on average 12 hours a week


Save 3% on labor costs


Run payroll in 10 minutes

Avoid costly mistakes. Automate and scale your restaurant

You don’t cut steak with a spoon, so why run your restaurant without Push?

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