5 Reasons why your business needs to Adopt Time Clock Software!

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Business owners have long struggled with the problems that traditional time tracking brings.

It's labor intensive and prone to error - especially when traditional methods of time attendance aren't tailored for certain businesses.

It's worth considering these 5 benefits of adopting time clock software for your business. You'll be amazed at what it can bring to your day to day operations and company growth!

1-Save Time and Improve Accuracy

Automating the process of manually tracking employee hours eliminates another avenue for human error and saves your managers from having to manually approve or process each employee.

Any good  time clock software should also perform convenient tasks for you, like automatically deducting breaks or flagging overtime hours.

2-Solve Common Clock-in Issues

Time clock software can solve problems like buddy-punching by adding an authentication step to the process, such as taking a picture during each clock-in.

Camera clock-ins are a great way to ensure employees are uniform ready for each shift; you'll only pay them for their time working.

Setting up clock rules will also allow you to automatically handle early clock-ins or late clock-outs the way you want.

3-Easily Audit Clock-ins

Look for time clock software that comes with powerful reporting solutions. This will make analyzing clock discrepancies significantly easier. Managers can easily monitor missed, or overlapping clock-ins, and compare the clocks to the scheduled shift if the occasion arises.

4-Allows Flexible Clock-in Methods

Traditional time clock solutions require you to maintain hardware like punch card machines and card scanners. The maintenance on these types of hardware can be expensive; and when they break, you'll likely be resorting back to pen and paper tracking.

Now, most time clock software can run on any tablet - which can be affordably purchased and easy to maintain. Some time clock solutions also allow employees to clock-in via an application they can install on their own phones.

5-Open New Communication Channels

Some time clock solutions allow managers to broadcast messages to staff as they clock in; and allow employees to send messages during clock out as well. This gives managers and employees new ways to communicate and provides another opportunity to gather data that could not be previously done with traditional means.

By reducing the cost of time-consuming processes and adding value via innovative features, the adoption of a time clock software solution could significantly improve your business operations.


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