5 Things to Look For In Restaurant Reservation Software

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July 21, 2021

Ready or not, technology is here to make our lives easier. Thats why it's time to embrace restaurant reservation software.

Customers are the bread and butter of a restaurant’s success, so it is important to make sure managing their behaviour is done wisely.
In this article we will explore 5 things to look for when considering reservation software, the technology that helps get customers in the door and then coming back.

What is restaurant reservation software? 

Restaurant reservation software is one way that technology has helped streamline the process of managing visitors, and eliminated the panic of managing tables. Examples of the most  widely used reservation software are: OpenTable, Reserve, Yelp Reservations, Resy, Eveve, DINR, Table Agent, Tablein, Bento Box and Toast.

The decision of which to use is unique to the restaurant. It can be best determined after assessing a restaurant’s needs and examining the key features of this type of software. Here are 5 things to consider.

1 - App or website?

The way that customers interact with the software is something to consider - is it an app? Or are reservations done on your website? 
Both have pro's and cons.  For example, you may want customers to make a reservation directly through your website so that they become familiar with your site and come back often. However if you want to partner with the reservation software app, you may be able to get additional reach from customers who did not even think about dining with you. In addition, the app may suggest your restaurant.

Finally, you may also choose a software that allows you to do both. Some websites hosts, such as Wordpress, have plugins, like Restaurant Reservations to facilitate this. Running Google advertisements can be used to funnel users your website to make reservations!

2 - What are the costs.

Deciding what you are willing to invest is a key step when considering reservation software. There are a variety of cost-effective ways to take reservations using technology. They vary from free to monthly or annual packages upwards of $1,000. Some contain fees per reservation that go back to the software company. It depends upon your needs, your investment choice, and weighing the worth and return on investment. Only you, as a restaurant owner can effectively decide this.

3 - Is it linked to restaurant reviews?

Do I want my reservation option linked closely to my restaurant’s reviews? Another option for easy reservations is through Yelp Reservations. A customer comes to Yelp seeking a great restaurant, then upon seeing your reviews, they can easily transition to making a reservation. Though this may not be the best situation if a restaurant has negative reviews, which can have the opposite effect. Another example is through Facebook. Business pages on Facebook are able to not only have people write recommendations or review them with the star system, but they may also allow for reservations.

4 - What is the integration system.

Do I Want Integration With Other Apps, Systems, Or POS Software? An example of a service that integrates with other softwares is SevenRooms. They have the ability to integrate with your POS data for guest analytics and Google for direct reservations. Another example is, Bento Box, who provide website hosting for restaurants and includes features like reservations for customers. Some reservation software easily converts to an application that customers can download and use quickly. Others may not have a user-friendly app, but may be linked directly to their website or connect with software that the restaurant already uses. In all of these instances, it is most important to discover what would be the best set-up for you. This is especially important if you are not as tech-savvy as you would like. Sometimes, one fully-integrated website server with multi-functionality works best.

5 - What are the technical support options?

What is technical support like? This is another important question to ask yourself, especially if you are likely to need additional guidance or possible troubleshooting. It’s possible that Murphy’s Law comes into play on a busy Saturday evening when you really need your reservation software functioning perfectly. Some software companies boast 24/7 support. Others have normal business hours or extended ones that may not accommodate emergencies.

Some Pros:

Reservation software assists restaurants by making it easier for customers to reserve a table and can potentially reduce customer wait times. It also frees up restaurant employees from answering phone inquiries and trying to organize seating and tables, which allows more time to interact with customers. Another benefit is that managers are better able to schedule and plan,  adjusting marketing strategies in a pinch. Reservation software can also help to prepare kitchen staff for a slower or busier shift. Many of these systems are also able to accommodate integration into other platforms allowing them to work with website hosting and other apps or POS systems. Another pro is that some of the apps, such as Resy for example, are able to coordinate two-way texting.

Some Cons:

There are also some cons to consider. One con is that some applications, like OpenTable, for example, use dining points that are app-centered. This means that they do not necessarily have to be used at only your restaurant and therefore not restaurant-centered loyalty points. Another thing to keep in mind is that some reservation applications can lead to a loss of money as some may contain difficult-to-understand cost structures and hidden fees.

With the multitude of restaurant available on each platform, depending on the software of your choice, your restaurant could get lost in the shuffle. One app, in particular, Resy, provides diners with featured restaurants to choose from. Even if you pay for the software, it is possible that your restaurant may or may not be featured. Also, some reservation softwares are geographically limited which also limits reach and target marketing opportunities.

In conclusion.

Since 95% of restaurant owners believe that technology can have largely positive results, it is essential to invest in the ones that work best for your individual restaurant. More than 80% of restaurants are turning to technology to help their businesses succeed. As a result, restaurant owners have some work to do. There are many ways to allow restaurant reservation software to benefit your business. The hardest part is selecting which one is best for your business. Once you find the best fit for your business, the rest is gravy!  

Please note that this article has not been promoted by any software provider, all thoughts are our own.

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