5 Ways to Find Great Talent for your Cannabis Retail Store

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Dalia Holmes
January 1, 2016

How to find great talent for your cannabis store? 

Recruiting talented team members such as budtenders and cannabis store managers is arguably one of the most important steps in the process of hiring, and plays a key part in your company's success. However, with so many options, platforms, and opportunities to share your job posting - it’s hard to know where to start. 

There are a lot of websites out there for recruiting great hires - like Indeed or Ziprecruiter, but in this guide we wanted to share some outside of the box options that you might not have considered for your cannabusiness.

1 - Think of where they hang out.

You don’t just run any type of business, you run a cannabusiness, which is a unique niche that may involve unique skills. 

Cannabusinesses speak to a specific demographic, so during recruiting it makes sense to ponder where your dream hires hang out and consider listing job placements based on that information. A quick search of the web uncovers some job websites that will be specific to your industry or job posting.  Consider checking out websites like weednextdoor.com that are specific to cannabusiness job postings.

Another great way to leverage the web to find your dream hire is to use social media. You could post your job in a facebook group, for or on a trusted forum.  Try and find like minded people who can get behind what your business is all about and don't be afraid to use social tools to do so. And in that same breath...

2 - Try social media recruiting.

Social media is a powerful tool and a great way to communicate and connect with your audience.  It is not uncommon for businesses to use a social media channel exclusively for hiring and sharing their company culture in a visual and communicative way.  Depending on your preferred channel, consider posting your position on social media and encouraging your followers to share with their friends.

Taking that one step further, you could even consider running a hiring campaign on your social media. Maybe you do a "day in the life" feature, where each day your instagram story follows an existing employee, doing the tasks you want your new hire to do. Using social media to connect, and get things done in creative ways is what it's all about.

3 - Consider an employee referral program.

Speaking of sharing with friends,  there is no better way to find ‘A’ players than through the praises of other ‘A’ players. It’s true, birds of a feather flock together, so entice existing top hires to expand your team with an employee referral program. 

Offer rewards for every recommended hire you bring on board.  An added bonus to this method is that your current employees get to work with their friends, and that is great for employee morale. Finding great hires through word of mouth works great every time.

4 -Consider a campus.

The cannabusiness industry is well adopted by Millennials and of-age Gen Z, for this reason it might be worth considering campus recruiting. 

Campuses are full of young talent looking to start their careers and grow, so working with a great cannabis retail store is an exciting opportunity to jump into a fast growing industry. 

Consider reaching out to your local college or university campus to see if they will allow you to run an ad in the campus paper, involve yourself in a job fair, or offer an internship opportunity so someone studying in a related field such as sales, marketing or retail.

5 -Get strategic about marketing the job.

As a cannabis business owner, we're sure that you are familiar with the laws, and licenses around what your next cannabusiness, budtender hire will need to have. For instance, a The Selling it Right license. Consider websites like these, or other websites where cannabis connoisseurs might spend plenty of time, and consider running adds on those platforms.

You could also reach out to licensing companies and see if they are open to sharing your job op with their networks for a referral.

Wrapping it up.

Finding great talent for your cannabis store  is a key to building a successful brand, vibe and store. Be sure to take your time up front investing in finding the right person for the job, to save you from spending more on hiring down the line.

We put together a full guide to help you out, from recruiting, to hiring, to onboarding, retention and more!
Check it out with the link below.

How to find great talent for your cannabis store? 


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