Push Vs. ADP Workforce For Restaurant Payroll Software

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Angela Keen

Restaurant owners and management speak to us every day about either switching over from ADP or looking for reasons why they should choose Push Operations over ADP Workforce for their restaurant payroll software. Because of this, we thought we'd share our answer with you here.

First, to be clear, if you are a law or accounting firm, or run a company with mainly salaried employees and minimal hourly staff, then ADP is great. The software is designed for these types of static environments and will certainly save you time. Running a restaurant (as I'm sure you know) is a much different beast , though, for the following two reasons:

  1. Hourly staff working multiple shifts bring in a completely different dynamic (complexity) that can be a major time suck.
  2. The restaurant environment (specifically) is a very unique environment including things like lots of part time staff, longer operating hours and labor being one of the biggest costs.

So, when you looking for a system to run your restaurant payroll, it has to be flexible for your environment and provide service that is knowledgeable and industry specific. Understanding labor costs and laws as well as meaningful KPI’s like labor to sales are key to running a profitable restaurant, and these are some of the reasons that Push Operations exists.

Push benefits for restaurants

  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • Multiple pay rates/ positions
  • Labor cost controls - on the schedule and in reports
  • We're the only payroll system that integrates with point-of sales systems to pull in sales forecasts and actual sales for meaningful reports
  • Triggered alarms that alert you if labor/sales is above target
  • Overtime warning alarms that let you know before it happens
  • Tailored reporting for your business.
  • We make payroll easy to complete without any accounting or payroll know-how. Push automates all the scary parts.

We also have an interface that is beautiful and easy to use. Let’s face it, restaurant staff are beauty-oriented and they pay attention to detail, beauty, and presentation …why wouldn’t you want a beautiful payroll system?  

But not only that. Yes, our software is great, but we pride ourselves on the service we provide. We operate the same hours as you do … you don’t close on weekends or holidays, so neither do we.

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