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Disclaimer: The features above are to assist with the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Temperature readings can be an indicator of fever, which is a symptom of COVID-19, though it does not mean an employee has contracted COVID-19. If employees are experiencing symptoms, it is best to seek out guidance and advice from the government, medical, and healthcare providers.

Pre-work safety screening: keep employees, customers, and your community safe.

As provincial, state, and local governments consider reopening their economies during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Push is doing our part to help keep communities healthy and safe. We’re seeing an increase in the number of reports related to essential workers testing positive for COVID-19 and in efforts to help employers protect employees (and their business), Push Operations has created a platform for all essential services to help monitor employees’ health.

Tools That Can Help

In efforts to help not only restaurants but other businesses to operate safely, we’ve created two new pre-work screening features to better assist businesses in combating the spread of the virus.

1. Clock in Health Questionnaire

The first step of prevention is awareness, and though those infected with COVID-19 can be asymptomatic, putting in the right measures in place is key in prevention. We’ve improved our clock in feature to include a pre-work questionnaire for employees to answer before their shift!

How Push Can Help
With our tablet clock in feature, you will be able to create customizable health questionnaires for employees to fill out during clock in and clock out. The answers are funnelled into an easy-to-read report for you to analyze the responses as soon as they’re submitted.

2. Contactless Temperature Reading

Measure and record an employee's temperature when they clock into their shift. Observe the temperatures and flag the employee if their temperature level reaches over 100.4 °F `{`38 °C`}`. You will be able to set up notifications to track when an employee’s temperature is over the limit.

How Push Can Help
When an employee clocks into their shift through the tablet, their temperature is taken and if their recorded temperature is over the fever level, it will be flagged. You will also be able to set up notifications to track when an employee’s temperature is over the limit.

Employee Screening

How can features like this help in the spread of the virus?

As per the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), there are a number of additional measures that a business can put in place to ensure the health and safety of its employees and those around them. Though those who are infected with coronavirus may show little to no symptoms, The CDC has noted that symptoms of the coronavirus can include a fever along with shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Therefore, even if an employee feels healthy, using a contactless temperature check can be another layer of prevention of spreading the virus.

A custom pre-work health questionnaire can also help identify any signs of illness before they start their shift. The Occupational Safety and Act notes that employers should develop and implement policies and procedures to identify the possibility of a sick employee. As an employer, a pre-work questionnaire can be an essential tool in communicating important information to employees and bringing awareness to your business’ health and safety standards.

All in all, if you are reopening your business or if you are operating at a reduced rate, due to COVID-19 it is crucial to do your part in helping slow the spread of the virus. The financial impact of a closed business can affect many individuals and we want to help business owners stay open without having to worry about jeopardizing the health of themselves, their employees, and others.


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