Employee Scheduling Software: 3 Cost Saving Tips

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When making a schedule, it's more than just filling in work hours. After all, labor is usually the biggest cost for those in the hospitality industry.

You have staff with different positions, different  skill sets, and often you're hoping your schedule will work itself out. However, creating bad schedules can be costly to your business. You're essentially purchasing labor from your employees, and you need to use your employee schedule as a tool to optimize it. Here are 3 cost saving tips on restaurant employee scheduling:

1. Time Clock Software

Time theft is the most subtle money drain of a business. An extra five, ten, or fifteen minutes here and there for every employee can add up to thousands of dollars. Forgo a pen and paper and invest in time clock software - in particular, camera time clock software. Say goodbye to time theft! Camera time attendance ensures that your employees will be uniform ready and you'll no longer have to worry about buddy punching. Scheduled hours will be also be accurately accounted for, and and you'll only pay employees for their time worked!You no longer have to monitor employees like a hawk when they're clocking in and out.

2. Understanding Reports

The importance of labor reports can often be lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks. Labor costs are a balancing act of many variables and its key to understand where you're spending your profits. Sales and labor reports are a great tool to aid in creating a cost effective schedule. It's crucial to understand what your labor reports tell you. Your labor reports will show you when to schedule more staff (like peak seasons) and when not to schedule employees during slow times. Labor reports will allow you to efficiently use your hours, forecast accurately and optimize your labor.

3. Reducing Employee Turnover

They say time is money and in this case, it can be literal. Employee turnover can be high in the restaurant industry, and Hiring and training new employees can be  a costly expense. It’s in your business’ best interest to keep good employees, who can potentially grow with your restaurant. As a manager or owner, ensure you're doing everything possible to make work easy, for you and them!

Create employee schedules in advance, and ensure that they're easily accessible. This will make shift swaps and releases a breeze for your employees to request and for you to approve! Cloud-based scheduling systems are a great solution as they usually allow access from a mobile phones or online via a desktop.

Employee's can be held responsible for their shifts and employee annual reviews will be made easy when you have KPIs like % of worked shifts vs scheduled shifts, or late starts refer to!


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