Learn How This Salon Saved 120 Hours A Year on Admin Tasks

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Stephanie Graham
November 8, 2021


Meet Ryan, the Owner of B-Bombshell Salon.

B-Bombshell Salon is a fun, imaginative space aimed at offering a unique, high quality, services for geeks, by geeks - it’s where geeks go to feel chic!
Ryan was inspired to start B-Bombshell Salon, to provide a safe space for people to come where they wouldn’t feel judged and would be able to have awesome hair and be surrounded by awesome people. 

But running a salon comes with unique challenges. Including figuring out how to manage his payroll when salon artists’ wages vary between hourly rates and commissions.  This made things challenging to manage as an owner.

BBomb Salon, Push Operations

Life before using the Push system.

As Ryan began handling his own payroll for B-Bombshell Salon, he was almost immediately faced with challenges in shifting between hourly rates and commission rates for his staff. Ryan would have to go, line by line, editing every employee’s hours and commission for each payroll.

“Even with QuickBooks, if you put in the hours, it would automatically just give them whatever their hourly rate is. And then if you put in commission, it wouldn't give the hours… It was one or the other. So, you gave them the commission, but then it said that they didn't work in the hours.

Taking care of business.

With Push, Ryan can now easily upload hourly rates and commissions for each employee in one place. As a result, Ryan can now process each pay period in roughly one hour for his entire team.

“My favorite thing is being able to enter the hours and enter a commission rate. It's really, really simple, and that makes it a lot easier for me, as a boss, to be able to put all that in.”

Push operations for salons

It’s the things you can’t measure.

For Ryan, the best part of the platform is knowing that everything can be managed from one place. Push allows Ryan to run his business the way he wants to while still staying on top of his day-to-day tasks, including bookkeeping and payroll, in an organized manner.

Now that Ryan has more time, he can get back to doing the things that he loves - like watching movies, traveling, and grabbing a great brunch. 

Crushing business goals.

Ryan loves Push because it enables him to spend less time on payroll and pick it up throughout the week as he is able.

He’s saved over 10 hours per month and invested that back into the business, and spent more time on the floor with his staff. With the help of Push, Ryan can ensure that his dream of creating a warm and inviting space in his salon is a reality.

Push operations for salons

Would you recommend Push? 

When asked if he would recommend Push, Ryan mentioned that it is definitely a helpful tool for the salon industry. Managing payroll can be a daunting task in an environment with blended earnings, including hourly wages and commissions. With the help of Push, managing payroll has become easier than ever.

“Push has streamlined my payroll and made it a much more simple and easy process, especially with regards to the commission.”

The end results.


  • Time-consuming payroll.
  • Difficult to account for hourly wages and commissions earned.
  • Less focus on business goals.
  • Time away from staff.
  • Multiple programs for scheduling and payroll.


  • Payroll can be run in one hour.
  • Easily shift between earnings types.
  • More time to focus on driving business.
  • Less time in the office means more time with employees.
  • Scheduling and payroll are handled in one location.


  • Saving 120 hours per year on payroll processes.
  • Saving 10 hours per month on payroll processes.
  • Living the dream of producing awesome hair with awesome people.
  • Processing payroll now takes a matter of 1 hour.
  • Everything is in one place.

Want awesome hair? Book an appointment at B-bombshell salon today!

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