Meet The Franchisee Who Saved $91,200 A Year With Push

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June 13, 2022

What would you do with an extra $91,200 each year to invest in your business? Learn how the operator of 13 Booster Juice franchises began managing her stores remotely, and saving nearly six figures each year.

Meet Merilyn, franchise operator of 13 Booster Juice stores in Western Canada.

Merylin has been overseeing the operations of 13 Booster Juice locations for nearly two decades, and until the pandemic hit, she worked primarily in-store managing the staff and operations.

In 2020, the emergence of the pandemic forced Merilyn to switch to remote management for the first time, and invest more time into using the Push tools to facilitate those needs.

It wasn’t long until she realized that using the software in this way allowed her to save more money, time, and have more transparency than she could have imagined. 

“All of a sudden, I can look at clock approvals, compare them, look at the days, and monitor the hourly sales of my stores. I can also run payroll in a couple button pushes, and I have never ran payroll before in my life!” - Merilyn

Life before using the Push system. 

Before using Push, it was a major challenge for Merilyn to keep track of her employees' work hours and labor costs while overseeing 13 stores in person. 

Merilyn also lacked the transparency to know when managers would disregard the approved schedules she had created, and instead used labor in an unprofessional or wasteful manner.

She was also unaware that employees had been regularly clocking in early, or clocking out late, costing her thousands of dollars annually.

In addition to that,  payroll was left to Merilyn’s bookkeeper, an added cost that left Merilyn with less transparency than she would have hoped, and an additional employee to pay.

Taking care of business 

With Push, Merilyn now has the transparency to oversee manager and employees behaviour for 13 stores from the comfort of her own home.

She is able to confirm approved schedules are followed, make time clock adjustments to ensure clock in’s are accurate, and even manage her labor costs by measuring the hours she budgeted when comparing labor efforts against company sales.

Merilyn also graduated to running payroll for the entire company herself - a task she had never done before, but thanks to some training, she is happy to report it can be done in a couple of clicks of a button.

It’s the things you can’t measure.

For Merilyn, the best part of the platform is having the ability to communicate with all her store managers using one platform.  Without it, she doesn’t know how she would have been able to navigate the pandemic as someone with health concerns.

“Using Push is now the one way I keep an eye on my stores without visiting them. As far as my key business tools are concerned, Push is the one I cannot do without”. - Merilyn

Crushing business goals.

Merilyn loves Push because it enables her to keep an eye on all of her stores, and perform most of the operations herself. 

She’s been able to save over $91,200 and thousands of hours, and invest that back into the business in the form of employee training programs and efforts to launch new stores in the coming years. 

“Push saves me so much in labor, it saves me around 10 minutes per day, per employee, and at 100 employees, that’s over 6,000 hours per year!”- Merilyn

Would you recommend Push? 

When asked if she would recommend Push, Merilyn rushed to say that the tool is for every business owner out there to benefit from. 

“I already have plans to suggest the service to her partner in 5 other stores that have shared investments with Booster Juice. These partners have not yet switched to automated operations, so there is potential waiting for them on Push” - Merilyn

The end result?

In the end, Merilyn couldn't be happier with the system as it helped her overcome numerous challenges, and not only find solutions, but find ways to save money in ways she hadn't anticipated, here is what that looked like for Merilyn


  • Inaccurate employees time clock punches
  • Paying a full time bookkeeper to run payroll challenges.
  • Lack of transparency in and between the stores.
  • Difficult to use the software.
  • Loss of time organizing and monitoring labor.
  • Difficulty managing 13 stores in person
  • Lack of transparency


  • Using employee punch clock adjustments and time tracking software
  • Running payroll with two button clicks thanks to integration features
  • Ability to manage 13 stores remotely using one platform
  • A channel to share the news with employees.
  • Monitoring the progress of her managers.
  • Keeping company finances in check. 
  • Sales and labor reports for smarter scheduling
  • Ensuring managers stick to approved schedules


  • Saving 6,000 hours per year on employee clock errors.
  • Saving over $91,200 on hourly labor with time clock adjustments
  • Ability to oversee 13 stores remotely from a single platform.
  • Significantly more free time to invest in the business and expand.
  • Salary savings of a full time payroll person

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