Meet the Manager Who Saved 576 Hours on Payroll With Push

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Talia Voss
August 14, 2021

Meet Tom Mahn, Operations and Development Manager at 6 Freshii Locations in Vancouver, BC. 

Tom has been working with Freshii since 2011, when the company launched its first Western Canadian location.

He started at the first Vancouver store as a dishwasher after immigrating from Germany and has worked his way into an executive role, eventually overseeing the operations of 6 Vancouver locations and growing. 

how to save money on payroll

Tom played a key role in pioneering the Western market for the now 300 location chain, and feels grateful to have found Push to help him manage operations.

Tom started working with Push several years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. 

“We were onboarded with Push several years ago, so we have been a long term partner, it has been amazing.“

Life before a streamlined system. 

Before Push, Tom found it extremely challenging to keep track of employee paperwork, history, ROE’s and files. 
High turnover and a fast growing rate of employees meant that he had hundreds of files to keep track of, and no streamlined way to organize the information.

Freshii was also facing challenges when it came to streamlining payroll.  As a franchise that had to utilize certain POS systems, Tom found it challenging to integrate all the information from time tracking to payroll and needed a system that didn’t require manual calculations to be done for every pay period.

how to save money on payroll
“Before Push, we had a bookkeeper and our financial officer who would spend two days working full time for every payroll.  That is 24 hours of labor costs dedicated to the payroll alone, every two weeks.“

To top it all off, with more locations popping up, and managers, supervisors and administrators all trying to use the same system, customization and user privileges became a priority, and something they couldn’t find anywhere else on the market. 

Taking care of business.

Tom explains that after using Push for 8 years, his work life has changed, and things have become much more simple.
He goes on to share a story about ICBC showing up unannounced to a Freshii store in 2020 and asking about a former employee.  They wanted the records for a former employee who had been in a car accident in 2015, and had missed 3 days of work.  Thanks to Push, Tom was able to easily pull up the file and see all the details, from time schedule to ROE.

Tom also found that Push offered a unique customizable and affordable platform that he wasn’t able to find anywhere else. 

Finally, and top of the list for Tom is how Push has helped them streamline their payroll system. Eliminating a full time payroll person and cutting payroll time down from 24 hours, to just 15 minutes.

how to save money on payroll

It’s the things you can’t measure.

When asked his favourite thing about the technology, Tom shared that some of the biggest value ads didn't come attached to a dollar sign after all. 

“I have been approached by other companies and they always want to give me their pitch, the truth is it's not just the technology - It’s the flexibility, and the fact that, if you have a problem, you reach out to anybody at Push - In our world where everything is about efficiency, you cannot put a number on people not wasting your time, being heard, and somebody connecting with you.”

Along with the customer support and personable approach of Push, Tom appreciated the flexibility of the software.  He went on to explain that most systems would charge premiums for t4 or remittance features, where as Push did not. 

Crushing business goals.

Tom is happy and confident with the software, so much so that he has been able to invest the time he used to spend on operations and payroll, back into the business in the form of leadership training, career development initiatives, expansion plans and more. Tom concludes simply by explaining that now, things are simply getting done.

Would you recommend Push? 

Tom didn’t hesitate when asked if he would recommend the software, mentioning that anyone who not only had a quick service business, but a small business in general would benefit from the simplicity and intuitive nature of the software.

“I recommend Push every single time I hear of someone who has opened up a new business, not even just QSR, but anyone who has a small business in general. I always tell them, go with Push, they are great.”

Along with the flexibility and usability, Tom shared that he was up and running with Push right away - so the choice to sign up, or swap over didn’t have to be a tough one. 

The End Result


  • No centralized place to store important employee paperwork and information. 
  • Using a system that didn’t integrate with time tracking data.
  • Spending money on a  full time payroll person.
  • Not having the ability to give different access privileges to different people.
  • Challenges when expanding locations 
  • A month of full time work spent on navigating 200+ T4’s  at tax time.


  • A modern and easy to use system.
  • Great and consistent support.
  • Ability to run payroll in 15 minutes, with no training, across multiple locations.
  • Enabling busy business owners to feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Giving franchisees more time to invest in their business.
  • Seamless onboarding onto the Push platform.


  • Significantly more free time to invest in the business
  • Saving 48 hours per month, or  567 hours per year running payroll.
  • Switched over and onboarded onto the Push system in 48 hours. 

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how to save money on payroll

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