How To Use Branding In Your Job Post to Attract Talent

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Ashley Ringham
February 11, 2021

Ever wonder how you can use branding to attract talent to your business? Are you a hiring manager that is struggling to attract talent?

With a competitive job market,  it can be difficult to capture an applicant’s attention. How can you show potential hires how great your company is? How can you show candidates that they should apply to your company? One answer may not be what you expect: branding.

How to use branding to attract talent to your business?

Branding allows you to take control of your company’s story and stand out from the crowd.
When you integrate your brand into your website’s careers page, it helps attract applicants that match your core values.

If you want to customize your applicant tracking system, we recommend you invest in software that can help support that goal. Enter Push. 

How can I set up branding in Push ATS?

In Push’s ATS, you can personalize the application process by customizing the look and feel of your application portal. Include items like your company logo and your brand colors.

You can even add a cover image, and about section to your careers page to give it a personal touch. Take a look at this screen of our own job board using these customizable settings!

Push recommendations for your branding page:

  1. We added our logo and made sure the resolution was correct, using our brand green as the “Primary Color”. Tip: Make sure your logo is properly sized so it’s not pixelated, and try using a color from your logo as the accent.
  2. The background or cover photo is a pattern from our brand. Tip: We used a pattern but sometimes it’s nice to show a photo of the business as the cover. You can even use similar images from your social. 
  3. Title and description is a good opportunity to write up an “About Us” section describing the company outlook or culture.Tip: Try to write WHY someone should apply to your business.
  4. You can even write an applicant message, a message the candidate will see after their submission. Tip: Try to thank the applicant and write how you review applications. 
  5. In your posting add formatting with links or lists for your company core values. Tip: List out your core values as bullet points in the posting.


Remember, adding customization is not just about “jazzing it up” or even advertising your brand, it’s about how to use branding to attract talent that matches your company values.
Many more improvements are coming to the ATS, so stay tuned for more tips!

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