3 Reasons Why Running Restaurant Reports is a Game Changer

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Alexandra Olive

Seriously, we love restaurant reports. They’re valuable pieces of information that allow you to look at your business collectively, without bias. They're labor scheduling tools that help you optimize your employee scheduling process.

You may assume that this Monday morning is your slowest day, but it could be the Tuesday night instead. Numbers don’t lie! Let us show you how real time reports can be significant to your business.

1 - Make scheduling decisions on the fly.

In order to manage your labor costs effectively, you need to have the right tools to make decisions - quick. Are you close to reaching your sales vs labor threshold for the day? Reports like labor cost vs sales reports are great labor forecasting tools to allow you to be proactive rather than reactive. You have the ability to adjust the following days of your schedule before you overspend on labor.

2 - Understanding your labor costs.

Labor costs are one of the biggest costs of running a restaurant! Should you really be scheduling two seasoned servers during your slowest part of the day? Or should you be scheduling one new hire, and a regular server? Having the ability to review your labor reports daily is crucial in understanding your employee labor. With a labor forecasting tool at your fingertips, you'll be able to see  how much you're spending on labor, and where and how you can save costs in real time!

3 - Understand your sales.

Comparing sale and labor reports to real time gives you the opportunity to evaluate your business at face value. What things should you change? Are you using your hours productively? Should you hire more staff? All these questions can be answered with an easily accessible report that'll show you your real time sales vs your worked labor.

All in all, restaurant reports give you a better pulse on your business. Reports should be meaningful to you and your business. You should be able to make informed business decisions on the fly!

Labor scheduling tools like Push Operations can help you streamline the process of managing labor. There's no manual transfers of data from your time tracking system to your scheduling system to calculate costs. Everything is done in one place!

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