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Generally, restaurant management is made up of three parts: scheduling, time tracking, and payroll. You can’t have one without the other; but you can make the payroll processing simpler and faster with an integrated workforce.

As advocates of making work easy, we’ve put together three reasons as to why you should be integrating your time clock to your payroll system:


The first and biggest reason to integrate your time tracking system and payroll software? The elimination of data transfers. When you integrate a time clock to your payroll system, you’re removing the manual step of transferring hours. And less manual work = less payroll errors. As meticulous as you can be, data transfers are always prone to human errors. And errors can be costly; you could be typing 10, and enter 100 instead. With a restaurant payroll of 500 employees, it can be extremely difficult to catch an typo of one number.


Integrating time clocks to payroll = less auditing of employee hours. And less work to do = more time! Payroll is a timely task to finish and paired with another auditing tasking like approving hours and then transferring them, could take hours. When hours are automatically funneled to your payroll software, you as a business owner can, focus on working on your business rather than in it!

Employee accountability.

If employees know, or have an idea of how they’re clock-in behavior reflects their pay, its likely that they’ll be less late! In addition, you’ll no longer have to worry about if employees are really clocking in at their actual start time. If your time tracking software has features like camera time attendance or geo-tracking capabilities, you’ll no longer have to worry about buddy punching or time theft! (And syncing your time tracking tool with your scheduling software is a huge plus too!)

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