3 Ways Payroll Software Can Help You Save On Labor Costs

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When payroll processes are disorganized, it's likely that there will be costly errors to employee pay. Learn how payroll software can help you save on labor costs.

Managing inventory is important, but so is payroll and employees. When payroll processes are disorganized, it's likely that there will be costly errors to employee pay.

Hand in hand with employee labor is payroll. When managing employees, payroll errors may cause legal issues and upset employees. Unhappy employees lead to low employee retention. Looking long term, training and hiring new employees is expensive and inefficient to your workflow; especially if the employee ends up leaving.

To efficiently manage your payroll and employee labour the first thing you should do is find a reliable payroll software provider! Here are 3 tips on how payroll software helps manage restaurant labor:

1 - Track and pay taxes accurately.

Human errors are inevitable when manual payroll processes require meticulous monitoring. Invest in an automated payroll software provider to ensure that you're properly paying your employees!

An an employer, you are required to manage and process your employee’s salaries, sick days, taxes, CPP, EI and other employment information relating to remuneration. Processing this sensitive information manually is extremely time-consuming.

Every pay period, employers are obligated to withhold the correct amount of taxes from each employees’ paycheck. These taxes must be paid to appropriate parties, along with a portion from the employer for each employee yearly. As a result, failure to pay on time can result in large penalties. A good payroll system should be able to calculate and pay these automatically.

2 - Optimize your workflow.

A good payroll software solution should also be able to integrate with your other workforce management systems such as time attendance software, scheduling software, or employee management software.

Camera time attendance, is a great tool to accurately track employees clocking in and out of work. When integrated with your payroll software, it should have the ability to automatically push your employee hours into payroll, to streamline your payroll process!

3 -Store data in one place.

The key in being organized, is centralizing your documents. Instead of flipping through paper files or books, store your payroll records, and employee data in a secure space online.

With a reliable payroll provider, you shouldn't have to hire IT staff to protect your data. Invest in a cloud-based payroll software provider that is committed to keeping your business data and employees’ personal information safe and private. In particularly, safe from malicious forces like hackers and viruses and only privy to only you as an employer.

By integrating with employee management software, you should be able to easily pull labor reports and accurately track employees' development - letting you centralize your workflow!

As a business owner, payroll is a sensitive matter but you shouldn't have to be an accounting expert to run payroll. Automate your payroll process and leave the heavy lifting to a reliable, secure, and intuitive cloud based payroll software provider.

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