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The best POS system out there, is dependent on your business model. Are you a small business with minimal square footage? Maybe opt for a cloud based POS system. Are you a multi-unit restaurant group that needs robust reporting and reservation capabilities? Maybe a hardware based POS solution is the best option for you. The key in looking for restaurant software is finding something that is flexible to your restaurant; not a “one size fits all” model.

So we're put together a small list of the possible point-of-sale systems that are best for your restaurant:

Squirrel Point of Sale

As the first touch screen point-of-sale system on the market, Squirrel is a leading point-of-sale provider in the restaurant industry. With a quote based model for pricing, their software caters to small businesses to multi-location restaurant groups.


  • Hospitality and restaurant focused
  • Flexible pricing and products
  • Software and hardware options
  • Robust multi-unit location reporting


  • Level of ease of use is dependent on restaurant software knowledge


Looking for a mobile point-of-sale system? Look no further! Lavu is a restaurant specific mobile point-of-sale software that is made for those who love details. Their reports are extensive, and they offer inventory management for restaurants.


  • Restaurant specific
  • Monthly contracts
  • Detailed reporting


  • Compatible with Apple/iOS devices only
  • Different tiers of support
  • Limited device options based on tiers


One of the tablet POS systems taking the industry by storm, is SquarePOS. With a payment terminal that’s presented as a sleek white square, SquarePOS works best for new restaurants, and quick service type establishments.


  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices
  • Easy set-up and navigation
  • No extra hardware
  • Third party integrations
  • Loyalty program and marketing tools available


  • Interac/Debit cards can only be tapped, with a $100 limit
  • Costly for high revenue businesses
  • Limited phone support

Need more help picking your software solution? Check out our guide to running a restaurant with technology!

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