6 Bad Habits That Can Hinder Manager Success

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Talia Voss

Everyone strives for success, but are we doing the right things to get there?

Here are 6 bad habits that every manager need to get rid of, in order to be successful:

1 - Not having a plan.

There are so many excuses to stop you from pursuing your goals, but laying out a plan will help get you there. It can be a daily plan of researching  and observing something, to a long term, contingent plan, of operating your own business.

Having plans A to Z is better than having no plan at all! When you have a plan, all the steps that you need to do are laid out before your eyes, and you have the responsibility to follow through with them.

2 - Stay in a comfort zone.

Is there something you want to learn or delve into but you have no clue about? Probably. Should you actively pursue it? Yes. Whose stopping you? Probably yourself. You have to step outside your comfort zone to experience new and fresh experiences. Try new things, foster your creativity, and let go of that fear of failure!

3 - Not acknowledge weaknesses.

If you want to open a restaurant, and you excel at customer service but your weakness lies in numbers… it’s not going to fly.

If you don’t want to improve that skill, or if you’ve tried continuously and still failed, find someone to fill that void.

Create a team where your strengths and weaknesses bounce of each other. Acknowledging your weaknesses allows you to take plan and take the proper steps to reach for success.

4 - Sacrifice sleep.

Somehow, we’ve gotten into an age where less sleep is seemingly a marker of success. That’s not the case. Jason Fried, founder and and CEO of Basecamp wrote an interesting post about how “being tired isn’t a badge of honour.” He notes that sleep deprivation isn’t a marker of success” but rather a “marker of stupidity.” When you’re tired, your work is a reflection of it. In the hospitality industry, people who are sleep deprived aren’t the best people to interact with either.

5 - Wait for the right moment.

The right moment doesn’t exist. You are the sole creator of your destiny. It sounds lame but its true! There’s never going to be a “right” time. Take a risk, if it doesn’t work out, go back to the drawing board and start again. If it does work out, the experience can be rewarding and worth all the stress. You are responsible for your own success!

6 - Don't settle.

Be relentless, be persistent, and never stop pursuing your goals. Much too often, people have a singular marker of success, and once they’ve reached it, they plateau. A key trait of a successful person is to constantly seek and find new opportunities. Don’t settle for one type of success, chase new goals and create new opportunities for yourself!



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