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Angela Keen

Before discovering restaurant time tracking software, tracking shift times for restaurant employees can be a monumental task. Especially when a restaurant contains a large number of staff.

It's an extremely time consuming task to track all your employees shift times manually; especially if your establishment has little downtime. The pen and paper method of tracking employee hours is just no longer cutting it. However, tracking employee shift times is definitely one of the most important tasks in order to run a restaurant efficiently and profitably. As a time tracking expert, I've put together 3 best practices on how to accurately track shift times for restaurant employees:

Invest in restaurant time clock software.

In the world of restaurants, it's almost impossible to accurately keep track of when employees are arriving and leaving; especially without the help of a time clock software.

Although there may be many software options out there to track employees’ shifts, it's beneficial to choose a software that's restaurant specific. Avoid the struggle of understanding software tailored toward corporate industries, and invest in a software that is catered to restaurants.

Setup clock in and out rules.

Once a software has been chosen, you’ll soon realize how much more efficient having restaurant time clock software can be.

By setting up clock rules, you'll have the ability to see an employee’s adherence to their schedule at a glance. You'll no longer need to babysit  employees that aren't following their schedules. Say goodbye to the headache of time theft and the manual method keeping track of an employee’s attendance record day to day!

Optimize your workflow.

Generating a report can tell you instantly how well your employees are sticking to the script. You should have the ability to simply run a report to view the behaviors of your employees' clocked hours; like how many hours an employee has worked over time.

With all of your employees shifts documented electronically, as an employer, you could easily take those shifts to compare them with your sales. This allows you to look at your labor to determine where to distribute shifts to ensure maximum profitability.

With the integration of technology into your restaurant,  restaurant time clock software is now becoming a basic restaurant industry necessity.


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