Understanding the Restaurant Industry: 3 Benefits of an All-In-One System

Push Operations
December 10, 2020

More often than not, restaurant software providers offer 1 out of 3 things that you need.

If there's labor forecasting, you may need to export your hours into another software provider; and then cross reference the two. The automation of pulling sales, or calculating labor costs is great, but without the step of streamlining steps 1-3, its like having a cupcake without the frosting.

In our experience, we found that an all-in-one restaurant software provider should have 3 key things:  automation,  efficiency and ease of use. And to show the value of all-in-one restaurant management software, and how they embody all 3 qualities, we've put together a list of its key benefits:

Time Savings

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using an all-in-one workforce management software is the elimination of data transfers and manual work.

Auditing, reviewing, compiling and generating reports manually, are extremely labor extensive. You could be calculating your numbers, entering them into a spreadsheet or reporting software, and there would still be errors. Which means, you would have to repeat the steps all over again.

Time is money; and with integrated restaurant management tools, all important aspects of restaurant management can be made simple on one inclusive platform.

Cost Savings

With an all in one system, payroll errors significantly decrease and the amount of time saved on administrative tasks is invaluable.

You could be a numbers wizard, but there is always room for error when doing something manually.  Especially when dealing with pen and paper clock auditing. If you wrote 0, but it looks like the number 8, 10 hours could look like 80 hours.

Approving hours is also far more simple when you can cross reference what an employee was scheduled for vs the hours they worked. Especially if you're outsourcing an accountant three days a week to run payroll. Their time could be better spent evaluating your numbers and improving your business; rather than simply auditing payroll.

Focus on Growth

If you're generating more profit from cost savings and freeing up more time, there's no better aspect of your business to focus on, than growth opportunities! When data is readily available for you to review and analyze, you're able to strategize and optimize your business plans. Did you need more time to work on features like partnerships or social media? All-in-one software works with you to streamline you, your employees, and your managers work life.

Instead of spending time on maintaining your business, all-in-one restaurant management software works with you to help grow your business.