Why Choose Push Operations Over HotSchedules for Your Restaurant Scheduling Software.

Push Operations

Push Operations vs. HotSchedules

We often get asked: Why Push for Scheduling? Specifically over HotSchedules. So, we thought'd we provide some insight as to why you should use push over HotSchedules for Restaurant scheduling.

If you’re looking for simple restaurant scheduling software, then HotSchedules is great - especially if you were previously using pen and paper. For those using HotSchedules, the general consensus is: why fix something when it’s not broken? But we find that restaurant scheduling is a complex machine; it requires well oiled parts  and Hot Schedules lacks 2 key things:

  1. Accurate labor forecasting with real time changes
  2. Ease of Integration with POS systems

It’s more than just having easy-to-use software. Push prides ourselves in providing our users with the right tools to optimize their workforce. When systems like payroll and scheduling are fragmented, data transfers or calculations delay the efficiency of restaurant scheduling software. And there shouldn’t be delays in schedule forecasting. Whether you’re adding hours or shortening shifts, you should be able to see an accurate forecasted labor percentage with real time changes.

Push Operations

Benefits for Restaurants:

  • Multiple POS systems integrations for sales forecasts based on previous sales history, that can also break down sales forecast based on different meal periods (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Accurate labor forecasting with real-time changes (adding hours, cutting shifts, etc)
  • Real-time labor vs sales percentage display to see what your scheduled labor is against
  • Restaurant focused labor reports
  • Overtime analysis (daily and weekly) for shift swaps based on payroll rules of desired province or state
  • Optional time attendance module for real-time reports of actual vs. forecasted hours
  • Instant reflection of employee wage and position salary updates to forecast labor
  • Less manual work with an streamlined labor management system

Streamlining Payroll and Labor Management

At Push, we believe that effectively controlling your labor starts with labor planning. If your restaurant’s goal is to keep FOH labor under 10% of sales, you should be able to see, in real time, how much you’re spending on labor based on your sales forecast. It’s the most efficient, and cost-effective method, to control your labor costs!

Push Operations has one of the best labor forecasting tools on the restaurant scheduling software market. It’s not because Push has a magical scheduling system; but we have their own payroll module. Though we don’t force clients to sign up for our payroll module, clients who use Push for payroll processing are able to integrate employee pay rates, which are funneled automatically into our scheduling module.


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