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Push is cloud-based employee management software that integrates your HR, payroll, time tracking, and scheduling tasks into one easy-to-use platform.


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All-in-one solution

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From onboarding to career growth, management and payroll, Push takes care of an employee’s journey with your business on one simple platform. We help you:

  • Hire & onboard: Collect, store and manage all your employees’ data on one secure platform.
  • Manage: Plan, execute and optimize your labor from anywhere.
  • Pay: Effortlessly track, calculate and automate employee hours.
  • Grow: Recover labor costs and spend more time with staff and guests.


Simplify and streamline operations
with an all-in-one system

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We help you scale your business

James Gallagher

We use Push at all 16 of our restaurants. Push has simplified managing labor and saves us thousands of $$ a month. It has also made scheduling and running payroll a much simpler task though one easy to use single platform.

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Experience freedom with a simple, all-in-one solution

People Management Simplified



Run payroll in 10 minutes or less

With Push on your team, payroll is refreshingly simple.

Say goodbye to manual calculations, spreadsheets, and data transfers - we take care of everything.

Run payroll in 10 minutes or less

- Automate wage and tax calculations

- Receive hands-on training and 24/7 support

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Create your work schedule in minutes.

Schedule your employees faster and smarter with our easy-to-use software.

- Allow employees to "self-serve" for common things such as time off requests, shift-swaps, shift releases etc.

- Easily schedule employees for multiple positions and create custom shift templates.

- Forecast and track labor budgets against scheduled and actual costs in real time

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hiring and onboarding

One platform for all your employee HR data and more!

Access to all your employee records is at your fingertips.

- Easily streamline your hiring process with self-serve employee onboarding.

- Track and store employee documents, key performance indicators and milestones on one platform.

- Automate employee tasks and certifications with custom alarms and notifications

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Time tracking

Automated time tracking for your business.

Accurately track employee clocked hours without any fuss. Pay employees for time scheduled and/or worked.

- Create your own custom clock setting rules based on your company’s culture

- View clock-in behaviors like missed breaks, late starts, early clock outs, etc.

- Ensure employees are work-ready with clock in/out camera feature

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reporting and insights

Know your business in real time.

Keep a better eye on your labor costs with real-time reports.

Know exactly how much you’re making vs. spending on labor

- Be alerted when KPIs like labor vs sales reach a certain threshold

- View actual sales and labor against projections

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Push  has been an amazing partner, providing us with all our scheduling and payroll needs - it's truly a value and solution driven platform. The team is a pleasure to work with, they understand our business needs and create features catering to their clients. The support team responds in a timely manner and always comes forth with solutions.
The platforms themselves are easy to use and allow for automation of admin tasks that can be tedious.
Great job Push Team!!

Suman Dhaliwal

Director of People Operations, Earls
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We use Push at all 16 of our restaurants. Push has simplified managing labor and saves us thousands of $$ a month. It has also made scheduling and running payroll a much simpler task though one easy to use single platform.
Training and customer support is second to none and I highly recommend using Push for your scheduling and Payroll needs.

James Gallagher

Director Of Operations at ZZA Hospitality Group/Boston Pizza

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