LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social media platform, used to create and engage with your professional network.

Partner and Integrations Details:

Partner Details:

Integrations Details:

  • Integrate with Push to simply track candidates, interview and send offer letters
  • Hire and onboard all in one system after just clicking the apply button on a LinkedIn job posting
  • Save time and stay organized by managing all of your applications from a single platform
  • Communicate internally through the application process
  • Streamline the hiring process with digital offer letters

What is the value of the integration to our clients?

HR employee conducting an in-person interview with a lady at a restaurant

Schedule smarter

Customize labor to sales costs breakdown
Understand how many employees to schedule based on forecasted labor cost from historical sales data brought in from the integration software
Restaurant manager scheduling through a laptop at a restaurant

Visualize your business traffic

Understand the slowest and busiest times
Understand which employees should be working at which times
Restaurant manager drinking coffee while checking payroll reports on his laptop

Analyze actionable insights for growth

View dashboards and key metrics at the click of a button
Easy access to real-time labor vs sales reports
Manage multiple locations in 1 easy dashboard
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Contact details

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Getting started

To connect LinkedIn to Push:

  1. Ensure you have an existing Push and LinkedIn account
  2. Please contact our support team at to begin
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