Introducing the simplest way to make your restaurant more money. Navi is a cloud-based cost control system designed for restaurants and the people who run them, centralizing the three main areas that contribute to a restaurant’s profitability: product cost control, labour cost control and effective menu engineering.


Navi realized there was a gap in the market:

1. The level of detail required by other cost control software is not realistic for the majority of operations.

2. A good Manager doesn't need that level of detail to effectively control costs.

So they contacted North America’s top restaurant consulting agency, The Fifteen Group, to help them create a better solution.

Navi was developed by restaurant experts who understand operations first-hand and created an app that provides powerful information with less work and input required on your part.

Getting started

To learn more about our partner and how it could help your business, contact

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Simple cost control:

  • Meaningful reports
  • Projected vs actual food cost tracking

Menu engineering:

  • Create and track recipes
  • Cost your menu to maximize profit

Inventory management:

  • Easy to use
  • Track invoices and payments