Square Point of Sale is a the point of sale that serves your business.
Square puts the finishing touch on your business and keeps the important stuff organized.  No matter what your customers order, Square makes sure you’re covered with a food point of sale, a menu that’s easy to set up and powerful real-time insights into your operations.


From payments and tipping to discounts and open tickets, the free Square Point of Sale app handles the work so you can get back to running your business.
Track payments across multiple types of tender. Break down your sales to see what’s hot. Print kitchen tickets, receipts and order stubs. Customize taxes, tipping and discounts.

Getting started

To connect Square to Push:You must have an exisitng Push account and an existing Square account.Once you have established the two requirements above, simply contact our support team at support@pushoperations.com and the integration can start in minutes

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Automatically pull your sales to Push for reporting and scheduling purposes.