The Fifteen Group

The Fifteen Group is a leading hospitality consulting agency. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, they have over 40 industry experts who cover all aspects of restaurant operations, from developing new restaurant concepts to improving the profitability of existing restaurants. They believe that all restaurants should be able to operate with at least a 15% profitability, and have built our services—from concept creation to day-to-day operations to fiscal responsibility systems—around the expertise needed to make that happen. Founded in 2001, they've worked with 1000+ food and beverage operations.


Founded in 2001, The Fifteen Group is one of North America’s leading hospitality consulting companies.

The company has experts with over 200 years of combined experience in all aspects of successful restaurant operations: menu, brand, concept, marketing, fiscal responsibility, and more.

They believe that a well-run restaurant and brand should be able to make 15% profit, so much so that  the company is named after that target.

Getting started

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Concept creation:

  • Style of service
  • Branding
  • Environment look and feel

Operations consulting:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Menu Development
  • Kitchen and Bar Design
  • Staff Training Programs and Implementation
  • Operational Systems and Procedures
  • Multi-Unit Growth Strategies
  • Franchising Strategies
  • Cost Control Tools/Efficiencies