Payroll software for restaurants

Our fully integrated and cloud-based payroll software makes it easy to stay on top of every aspect of your payroll.  Push Payroll saves you time with smart automations, calculations, and data transfers.

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Payroll software made easy

Using Push Payroll is like adding an entire Payroll department to your team. With the Push Payroll software you can streamline hours directly into payroll for one-click payroll processing.  Say goodbye to manual calculations and leave all the work to us.

Save thousands by paying employees more accurately.
Save up to 40 hours a week. Streamline hours directly into our payroll software for one-click payroll processing.
Use Push Payroll as a stand-alone feature, or as an all-in-one employee management suite.
CDN: Employee pay, automatic statutory holiday calculations, T4's and more.
USA: Employee pay, taxes, I-9s, and more.
Run payroll at the push of a button

Automate payroll calculations

Stop manual processes and auto funnel hours to payroll
We complete all tax filings, new hire reporting, and employee pay
Automate hourly pay, stat holiday pay, premium pay, and applicable taxes
Restaurant worker staring happily while automating payroll calculations on her laptop
Restaurant manager consulting reports on his laptop while talking on phone
Organize reports, and funnel hours to payroll

Real-time payroll reporting

Automatically organized and split up reports by your preference for accurate reporting
A payroll and all-in-one solution crafted for business owners
Automatically funnel approved hours to payroll
Monitor calculations with accuracy

Flexible wage tracking

We do all the pre-payroll prep
Remove the inaccuracy of multiple systems and data transfers
Easy monitor minimum calculations, split shift premiums, and minimum tip top-offs
Restaurant workers sitting at a restaurant having a hard time tracking wages manually

A Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Payroll

In this guide, we’ll break how you can become an expert in payroll for any Canadian business.

Book cover of mentioned guide
Book cover of mentioned guide
Restaurant manager easily processing payroll on his laptop, while taking a coffee
Give your employees information, and paystubs online

Quick online access

Process payroll with the click of a button
Grant employees the luxury of receiving paystubs and payroll information online
Streamline employee paperwork with online access to pay stubs, tax forms, and more
Stay up to date on laws and compliance

Stay compliant

We help you stay up to date on labor laws and compliance
Our team includes experts on every jurisdiction in which we operate
T4, ROE, W-2, W-4, 1099, I-9
Workers at a restaurant checking payroll compliance on their laptop
Restaurant manager analyzing sales and labor by location on a tablet
Track your multi-location business data

Manage multiple locations

Manage multiple locations from one smart system
Push supports multi-location businesses across North America
Easily track, run payroll, and manage your multi-location business

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Simplify and streamline operations with an all-in-one system

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As an all in one and fully integrated platform

Is Push user friendly?

We'll let our reviews take on that

"Support is very easy to contact and helpful when dealing with"
"It's clear and easy to use and makes running payroll a breeze. Scheduling is incredibly easy"
"Love that it is easy to learn and use with lots of useful tools"

Hear what our customers have to say

Sandra Macdonald

From the onboarding training to the continuous support of the help desk, this team is top-notch.

Jo B.

This is the easiest payroll system I have ever used! I have never been able to complete payroll faster than this system. Plus, the support team is amazing!

Jason G.

Push Operations saves so much time! Having your clocking, scheduling, budgeting, and payroll all available in one unit

So, save time and money with Push


Save on average 6 hours a week


Save 3% on labor costs


Run payroll in 10 minutes

Join thousands of happy business owners who use Push to manage their people

Experience the freedom of streamlining your operations.
Book a demo to learn about our software today!

Restaurant employee showing co-worker how to clock times and manage Push's time sheets on their phone