5 Powerful Tools To Save Time When Hiring and Onboarding

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April 18, 2022
hiring and onboarding

Recruiting, hiring and onboarding and retaining great people is a big challenge and time investment for restaurant owners.  And as the days of the great resignation march on, there has been no better time to invest in easy ways to keep the people you have.

Study after study has shown how proper onboarding is linked to retention, so how can you optimize your recruiting, hiring and onboarding process to keep good talent? 

Lucky for you, nowadays there are innovative software tools that can help make things easy. Here are 5 powerful tools to help you streamline the employee acquisition and retention process, without hiring a head hunting firm.

1 - Try software built for hiring and onboarding, like ATS.

Recruiting talented team members for your restaurant is arguably one of the most important steps in the process of hiring and onboarding - and it plays a key part in your store's success.

However, with so many options, platforms and opportunities to share your job posting it’s hard to know where to start.  Enter applicant tracking software!


An applicant tracking system (or ATS for short) is a system that provides recruiting and hiring tools for businesses, such as collecting and sorting thousands of resumes in order to select candidates for interviews.

This system can be used as a stand alone tool, or function as an add on within an existing HR software solution, thus helping business owners streamline their hiring.

2 - Use employee referral software to find great people.

There is no better way to find ‘A’ players than through the praises of other ‘A’ players. It’s true, birds of a feather flock together, so entice your top hires to expand your food service team with an employee referral program.  

Offer incentives to your team by creating an automated employee referral program where their referrals, networks and hiring recommendations are tracked, in exchange for rewards or benefits. 

To streamline this, consider using employee referral software that integrates with your existing HRIS or ATS system to add an extra layer of success to your recruiting strategy. 

3 - Use interview tracking software to stay organized.

A human capital management strategy that incorporates careful interview and hiring practices is vital to the success of any business, big or small. 

Conducting strategic, careful job interviews is an essential skill to master. And should be approached from an angle that allows you to really understand the candidate in depth -  but how do you keep track of all of these details?

Some modern ATS systems offer technology called ATS Interviews.  This software helps you keep track of candidates interviews’ by customizing interview questions, and keeping track of candidates responses right within your ATS system.  

Choose from templates and numerical systems to simplify the process, and easily track and store candidate responses. Want to learn what interview questions you could use to populate this platform? Check out our article on the top 11 interview questions you need to ask new servers. 

hiring and onboarding

4 - Opt for self - onboarding software.

Hiring new people is a time consuming process, but onboarding them doesn’t have to be.  Using technology that offers employee self-onboarding will not only help with first impressions, but it will also help create an efficient system for onboarding.

Self-onboarding tools helps make it easy to transition new hires onto the team. Web-based onboarding and software frees up valuable time for the fun stuff, like the hands-on training and diving into the heart of the team culture.

5 - Measure employee KPIs with HR software.

Congratulations, you have hired, interviewed, referenced, onboarded and integrated your newest team member - and with any luck if you followed these steps they are going to be doing a great job - but the battle isn’t over yet.  The next thing managers and business owners need to consider is how to keep great talent.

The best way to ensure employees are happy and satisfied at work is to set achievable KPIs that you measure together.  Employee KPI’s measure an employee’s performance against set and agreed upon targets. 

Using an HR system that allows you to track and share employee KPI’s with your staff will ensure that employees know what is expected of them, and can achieve those targets.  Thus experiencing job satisfaction. 

hiring and onboarding

What else should you look for in hiring and onboarding software?

Utilizing tools like HR software can help you simplify, streamline, and centralize your hiring and management processes and measure the effectiveness of specific policies and practices.

HR software that meets the following requirements will help you save time, stay labor compliant and ensure safe record keeping:

  • Applicant tracking functionality & tools 
  • Interview tracking 
  • Employee self-onboarding 
  • Employee data information storage (HRIS)
  • Allow employees to have multiple location's information.
  • Weekly alarms for employee anniversaries, end-of-day logbooks, etc.
  • Easily generate and view employee information on one report
  • Set and remind tasks with due dates, for yourself and your employees

Hiring for a business can be an arduous task, that is why we hope that this guide was helpful in alleviating some of that stress by sharing information with you about leveraging technology for hiring and onboarding!

Want to learn more about how to keep great people once you have them join your team? check out our retention checklists for restaurant owners!

hiring and onbording retention checklist

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