5 Ways Scheduling Software Will Level Up Your Business

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Josh Redford

Ah, scheduling, one of the biggest headaches of business owners and managers. Pen and paper scheduling is a method that does the job, but it’s ancient and time consuming. Though spreadsheets are great for number crunching, they're not the best  for scheduling. It’s not intuitive and takes centuries to mock up and adjust. If you're tired of pen and paper schedules, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in scheduling software:

1 - Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Employee scheduling software is like the fairy godmother to every restaurant, retail or shift work employee's manager. It makes scheduling easier by tailoring a system that works best for your business. Some retail or restaurant scheduling software even have the ability to calculate your forecasted labor in real time, to help make sure you’re not going over budgeted hours. Having scheduling software that's visually appealing also makes it easier to make sure all the available shifts are accounted for. Employee scheduling software can make your workforce management even easier when it's able to streamline your payroll and HR  in one place. Workforce management can be a cake walk!

2 - Bye, bye staff calls.

We think it’s safe to say that every business has that one employee who always calls during rush hour. With employee scheduling software, employees are able to view their schedule on their mobiles or desktops, receive notifications of schedule changes, and you’ll be able to broadcast messages to them instantly.

3 - Up in the clouds.

Just like the title suggests, schedules will be accessible anywhere, and anytime. Using cloud based scheduling software will allow your staff to request time off, and swap or drop shifts with a click of a button. Your desk will probably lose some color with the lack of sticky notes from staff scheduling requests though.

4 - One small step for managers, one Giant leap for management!

Schedules are never set in stone when they’re released. Managers are able to make real time adjustments whenever employees need to swap shifts or request time off.Also, spreadsheets don’t tell you when you’ve missed filling a shift, and paper copies of availability forms are prone to go missing. Human errors are no longer an issue. A simple and easy to use, online scheduling system will help you plan your schedule in a flash. We might even say they’ll be fun to make.

5 - Time is money.

We all know your employees are probably wondering what you do in your office all day. Restaurant scheduling software can change that by significantly cutting your time spent doing administrative work. Your time will be better spent on managing your business, and you'll be able spend more time making valuable interactions with your customers and employees.

Now what?

Now that you’re armed with all this information, you’re probably itching to try it! Good thing we’re here to help! Push Operations workforce system streamlines all major aspects of labour into a single, robust platform. Scheduling, payroll, and HR is compiled into an intuitive system that is tailored to your individual business.

But how are we different than our competitors? Not only will we support you along the way with our 24/7 customer support line, but we also offer valuable labour and sales reports. You’ll gain transparency in your workforce, whilst automated meaningful reports will give a better pulse on your business.

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