5 Soft Skills Every Restaurant Owner Should Have

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Talia Voss

In a study done by Linkedin, the restaurant industry topped the list of top 10 industries where soft skills are crucial in success. They are an important component in hiring great staff, and they play a key role in shaping a strong leader. Hard skills, like inventory management and budgeting, are just as important in a successful restaurant manager, but soft skills are harder to learn. Anything can be taught, but it’s your attitude that is detrimental to success. The foundation of good leader lies within their soft skills. Here are 5 soft skills that every restaurant owner should have:

1 - Clear communication.

Good communication does not just mean a clear means of communicating with staff, but it also means actively listening. Being able to communicate with your staff is key to a positive work environment. Encourage and listen to what your staff are saying; inspire them to do well, and speak to you comfortably.

2- Ambition.

Be ambitious. The sky is the limit, and there’s always room to grow. Be open to learning new things, invest time to grow with your staff, and continuously search for opportunities of growth. The Godfather himself said “great men [or women] are not born great; they grow great.” Strive to be better, focus on goals you create for yourself, and set an example for your staff.

3 - Organization.

Make sure you understand what is going on in your business. There is nothing worse than not having a pulse on your operations. Disorganization on a management level exudes a certain type of unprofessionalism, and often, staff can see it. Respect among staff members and management are key to maintaining a collaborative environment, where guests are able to receive quality service.

4 - Personality.

Hand in hand with good teamwork, is an outgoing personality. Not everyone will like you, but it helps when staff are able to get along with their managers. A Linkedin poll found that the #1 in demand skill of Managers and Sr. Managers is a friendly personality. Generally, staff would likely want to do a good job for someone they like, or look up to.

5 - Teamwork.

Lastly, as cheesy as it sounds, teamwork makes the dream work. Being able to work well with others, and creating a comfortable work atmosphere is a fundamental part of a successful business. Leaders lead by example, and a role of a manager should be to foster a collaborative environment. Engaging in a hands-on work environment allows your staff to see your commitment to your business, and to them. Working with the staff allows you to connect with them, and see a first hand perspective on what they do.

Learning these soft skills will help you level up your game as a manager, and increase the success of your store.

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