How Software Saves Restaurants From Lawsuits Fines and Theft

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James Miller
April 19, 2022
time tracking software

Restaurant owners  have long struggled with the problems that traditional or manual time tracking brings: It's labor-intensive, prone to error, and impossible to track accurately.  

Industries like retail, food service, or companies that require multiple employee time clock punches in a day, are the most affected, to the extent that their entire business could be at stake because of it.

People are ready for a better solution. Something that helps them save time on the back end while saving money on the bottom line.  But what?

We dug deep and came back with 5 surprising ways that modern time tracking software could save you big money.  Here’s how.


1 - By safeguarding you from time theft.

Did you know that buddy punching and time theft costs American businesses  373 million annually in stolen labor?

It’s tragic but true, but thanks to new innovative facial recognition technology embedded in modern solutions, buddy punching is no longer possible.

Modern time tracking software can solve problems such as buddy-punching by adding an extra authentication step to the process.  It takes a picture during each clock-in, and uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the employee clocking in.

Camera clock-ins also ensure employees are uniform ready for each shift; and are only being paid for their time working.

2 - By protecting you from a lawsuit.

Don’t be a statistic! In California alone lawsuits rest break compliance violations tipped the scale at 1 billion dollars

When running any business that involves compliance concerns, such as employees who need to take breaks, or who sell controlled substances, you must have the utmost adherence to local laws and guidelines.  

Using modern time tracking software  that protects you is key. 
Alongside facial recognition confirmation of identity, modern systems offer features like customizable survey questions that could save you from being subject to a rest break or compliance violation.  

This type of system can also give managers overtime alerts if an employee is about to go into overtime, or needs to take a break. Showcasing a defensive and offensive approach to compliance adherence. 

3 - By automating clock adjustments.

A recent case study found the owner of 13  Booster Juice locations was shocked when she realized she was losing up to $91,400 per year due to employee clock in and out times that were inaccurate. This could have been solved by using a system with automated clock adjustment features.  

Features such as these automatically adjust employee clocked hours to reflect approved scheduled hours, and could have saved the Booster Juice  franchisee nearly six figures a year.  

These solutions also eliminate the possibility of human error, and save managers from having to manually approve, review, or process every employee every shift.

4 - By integrating time tracking software with your payroll.

Arguably the most important feature of great time tracking software (when it comes to saving you a surprising amount of time and money) is the ability to integrate with your payroll system by streamlining approved employee clocked hours to payroll.

Investing in technology like this means no longer having to manually do any payroll calculations, while decreasing the chances of  payroll errors.

Software that combines the aforementioned automated time clock features with the ability to streamline employees approved hours to payroll enables you to run accurate payroll at the click of a button.

In some cases, eliminating the need for a full time payroll person who is typically paid $65,000 a year.

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5 - By giving you in-depth reports.

Time tracking software that integrates with leading POS systems to generate accurate sales vs labor reports was the catalyst to Tim Hortons franchisee saving 3% a year on labor.

Consider this: Tim Hortons as a whole grosses 3 billion dollars a year.  If the entire chain were to use time tracking software like this, the company would save $90,000,000 per year.
You read that right, 90 million.

In other words, using time tracking software that comes with powerful reporting solutions allows you to have more insights,  and potentially save, well millions. 


What is time tracking software? 

Time tracking software, also known as time clock software, time attendance software, or employee time tracking software may have slightly different definitions depending on the industry; however, in this case we are referring to the time tracking software that allows your employees to clock in, using a code - or - facial recognition technology, and integrates with other facets in your business to improve your operations, productivity and bottom line. 

This type of technology allows business owners to keep an eye on employee hours, without having to do any manual tasks. 

Due to these 5 innovative features: Facial recognition, compliance assistance, automation, integrations, and reports - business owners have the opportunity to save big money when it comes to running their operations.

Are you looking for more ways to increase your restaurant profits and lower costs? Download our free guide below!

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