Refresh Your Menu: How to Make Iced Matcha for Your Startup Cafe

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Marlaina Lanese
May 9, 2024
A green iced matcha in a clear glass with a brown straw sitting on a white table.

Over the past few years, it's been hard to miss the vibrant green wave taking over cafes. Matcha, a finely ground green tea powder, has taken the world by storm. While it’s not a new drink, the product has gained so much buzz lately that people are buying it left and right. In fact, it's getting so popular that the global matcha market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% in 2024. More than just a fad, this unique green tea offers a delightful taste and a satisfyingly refreshing experience.

In the world of specialty beverages, iced matcha has emerged as a captivating addition to cafe menus. Want to learn how to make iced matcha for your startup cafe? Keep reading to find out!

Understanding the Allure of Iced Matcha 

Matcha, a finely ground powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves, has been revered in Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. Its distinct umami flavor, combined with a subtle sweetness and a vibrant green hue, has captivated tea enthusiasts worldwide. When prepared as an iced beverage, matcha offers a refreshing and invigorating experience that’s perfect for warmer months or those seeking a caffeine-infused pick-me-up.

With matcha’s growth worldwide comes a market filled with different varieties and brands. While the options offer more choices, choosing the perfect matcha can be overwhelming. The Jade Matcha review provides valuable insights into the quality and characteristics of matcha offerings and how they can make you fall in love with the drink. 

Health Benefits of Matcha 

Beyond its unique taste and visual appeal, iced matcha boasts an impressive array of health benefits that can resonate with your health-conscious customers. Matcha is known for its high level of antioxidants, particularly catechins, which have been linked to various potential benefits. These include improved cardiovascular health, enhanced cognitive function, and even potential immune-boosting properties. 

A woman is smiling while holding up a glass of iced matcha.

Sourcing High-Quality Matcha 

It’s pivotal to have top-of-the-line matcha powder when introducing iced matcha to your menu. This isn’t just an average instant drink—it’s an artisan drink. Look for ceremonial-grade matcha, which is made from the finest tea leaves and undergoes a meticulous processing method. This premium quality ensures a vibrant color, a rich flavor profile, and a smooth, creamy texture when prepared correctly.

Establishing partnerships with reputable matcha suppliers is key to maintaining consistency and ensuring a superior product for your customers. 

Essential Equipment for Iced Matcha Preparation 

You want to hit the ground running when you open your startup cafe, which is why you should invest in the right equipment to ensure a consistent and high-quality iced matcha experience for your customers.

A traditional bamboo whisk, known as a chasen, is essential for properly whisking the matcha powder into a frothy, smooth consistency. Additionally, consider getting a specialized matcha bowl or a high-powered blender for larger batches. Having the right tools not only enhances the preparation process but also creates a visually appealing display for your cafe's customers. 

The Art of Making an Iced Matcha  

Crafting the perfect iced matcha beverage requires precision and attention to detail. Start by sifting the matcha powder to remove any lumps, ensuring a smooth and consistent texture. Next, whisk the matcha powder with a small amount of hot water, creating a concentrated paste known as koicha.

Once the paste is smooth and free of lumps, gradually add cold water or milk (dairy or plant-based) to achieve the desired consistency and chill the mixture. Following this traditional preparation method ensures a rich, authentic flavor and a silky-smooth texture that will wow your customers with every sip. 

A barista is pouring an iced matcha from a small stainless steel pitcher into a clear glass with ice.

Enhancing Flavors and Customization 

Iced matcha is delicious in itself, but customizing it allows you to curate unique options to adapt to your customer's tastes. Try experimenting with different types of sweeteners like honey or maple syrup to neutralize the earthy matcha flavor. You can add a punch of vanilla for a creamier experience. 

Adding a range of flavors to your repertoire offers matcha-licious beverages, while still providing a tailored and customized experience for all of the matcha lovers out there.

Marketing and Presentation 

The comfort and tranquility that the color green brings are impeccable. That’s why iced matcha is an excellent subject for social media content and a go-to option for your startup cafe. Invest in aesthetic cups and containers that highlight the texture and shade of the drink.

Rally your customers to utilize their social media to create buzz regarding your iced matcha, tagging your store and generating a witty hashtag to maximize exposure. Be proactive in engaging with your followers by sharing behind-the-scenes footage of the matcha preparation process and creating buzz around this beverage offering. 

Seasonal Offerings and Limited-Time Specials 

To keep your iced matcha offerings fresh and exciting, consider introducing seasonal variations or limited-time specials. During the fall and winter months, explore the possibilities of incorporating warm spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. You can even offer matcha-infused hot chocolate.  

Experiment with refreshing flavors like watermelon or mint in the summer, creating a range of iced matcha coolers that cater to the changing seasons. By continuously innovating and adapting your menu, you'll keep your customers curious and eager to try your latest creations. 

Two small glasses of iced matcha with a small ramekin of matcha powder beside them.

Embracing Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing 

As a responsible business owner, it is essential to prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing practices when introducing iced matcha to your cafe's menu. Look for matcha suppliers that prioritize environmentally friendly and fair-trade practices, ensuring the well-being of the farmers and the preservation of the tea-growing regions. This not only aligns with your cafe's values but also resonates with eco-conscious customers who appreciate transparent and ethical business practices. 

Additionally, consider implementing eco-friendly packaging options for your iced matcha beverages, such as compostable or reusable cups and straws, aligning with your customers' growing concerns for environmental conservation. By taking a holistic approach to sustainability, you'll not only contribute to a greener future but also attract customers who share your commitment to responsible business practices. 


Iced matcha is the way to go as you balance flavor and health benefits for your startup cafe. This drink puts your business in a premium position to grow and provide a refreshing beverage option to your customers. By perfecting its preparation, being creative in mixing and matching, and honing your craft for making the drink, you’ll be a top-rated cafe in no time. 

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