Restaurant Management | 3 Time Management Strategies

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Talia Voss

Restaurant management isn’t an easy task. You’re consistently dealing with factors like balancing books, managing employees, and calculating labor costs.

But luckily for restaurant management, restaurant software programs and their useful tools are are slowly being introduced.  As a business owner, workforce management software aims to ease the daily administrative tasks! As an advocate of making work easy we've put together 3 time management strategies with workforce management software:

1 - Automate all the things.

We may be a little biased, but automation is everything when trying to save time. Spending an hour every other day rounding employee clocks? Automate that by using time tracking software. Spending countless hours trying to calculate your labor costs? You can also automate that too with reporting.
Spending hours manually calculating payroll? You guessed it, automate stat holiday pay calculations, streamline hours from time clock to payroll and even automate your tax deductions! Automating administrative work like data transfers or calculations will distractedly cut your time spent auditing numbers!

2 - Delegate restaurant management tasks.

There’s no I in team and delegating tasks will save you tons of time. If you’re creating schedules but you’re unable to be on the floor day-to-day, pass on the torch.

Restaurant employee scheduling is no easy task but it requires a lot of grunt work. It involves a careful mix of knowing employee performances and calculating labor costs.

If you've done the hard work, like automating labor costs, giving a time consuming task like scheduling will teach your managers more about the ins and outs of restaurant management and build their skill set. After all, employees who see learning opportunities with their current workplace, are more likely to stay!

3 - Organize using software.

As often as we hear it, organization can be a difficult task. But organization is key - especially if you’re running a multi-location establishment. Things like employee management software will allow you to store all employee data in one place.

Continuing with our scheduling theme, workforce management software will allow you to house all your employee time off requests and availability requests. Therefore, you can hold yourself or your team responsible for dealing with employee requests in a timely manner; and employees’ can’t take advantage of the “I told you last week” excuse!

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